Transformer Application

As electric power keeps on being an indispensable piece of many people’s regular routines, transformers have advanced to take up a significant job in the age and dispersion of electrical power. Transformers manage electrical power by altering current flow to run starting with one electric circuit then onto the next. Deeply. The quantity of windings… Continue reading Transformer Application

Action of Transformer

We have seen that the quantity of coil turns on the optional winding contrasted with the essential winding, the turns proportion, changes the quantity of voltage available from the secondary coil. but two windings are electrically confined from one another, how could this be Creation of Optional voltage We have already confirmed that a transformer… Continue reading Action of Transformer

AC or DC in Transformer – Which One is More risky And Why?

Most importantly, remember that in transformer both AC and DC voltage and Current are risky and perilous. Both are our companions and most exceedingly awful adversaries just as they wont miss if you allow it an opportunity. AC become more dangerous as AC with less recurrence (50 Hz in EU and 60 Hz in US)… Continue reading AC or DC in Transformer – Which One is More risky And Why?

Transformer Parts

Transformers are utilized to move electrical energy starting with one circuit to another through electromagnetic acceptance. They are utilized either to step up or step down voltage levels. A transformer is made of a few unique parts that capacity in their own various ways to improve the general working of a transformer. These include windings,… Continue reading Transformer Parts

Fundamentals of Transformer

One of the fundamental reasons that we utilize AC voltage and flows in our house and working environment is that AC supplies can be effectively produced at a conductive voltage, and changed into a lot higher voltages and afterward appropriated around the nation utilizing the national network of wire cables over extremely significant distances. The… Continue reading Fundamentals of Transformer

Working of Transformers

It is essential to keep in mind that transformers don’t create electrical power; they move electrical power starting with one AC circuit then onto the next utilizing magnetic coupling. The center of the transformer is utilized to give a controlled way to the magnetic flux produced in the transformer by the current moving through the… Continue reading Working of Transformers

Where We can Connect a Transformer to the DC

There are two conditions Where We can Connect a Transformer to the DC Pulsating DC as Input for transformers In this strategy, a pulsating DC to the basic side of a transformer. For this situation, the negative process resets the flux and the time necessary of voltage is zero in one complete process cycle which… Continue reading Where We can Connect a Transformer to the DC


Transformers, in the easiest structure, are electromagnetic gadgets that are utilized to change power. In the first place, we should check out two major pieces of how they are made. Normally from ferromagnetic, and two individual arrangements of wire coils. The wire coils are referred to as the essential and optional windings. While applying AC… Continue reading Transformer

Transformer Types

A transformer is an electrical gadget which, by the standards of electromagnetic induction, moves electrical energy starting with one electric circuit then onto the next, without changing the recurrence. The energy move generally happens with a difference in voltage and current. Transformers either increments or diminish AC voltage. Transformers are utilized to meet a wide… Continue reading Transformer Types

AC to DC Transformer Limitations

In spite of the ease of AC to DC transformer, there are some limitations. To begin, the DC voltage outcome is susceptible to change on the essential information. Hence, it’s never a smart thought to interface a microcontroller or ICs directly to an AC to DC transformer. AC to DC transformers is ineffective as the… Continue reading AC to DC Transformer Limitations

Electrical Power Transformer

Power Transformer A power transformer is a stable machine that is utilized for transforming power from a single circuit to another circuit without modifying the frequency. There are no turning or moving parts, a transformer is named a static gadget. The transformer works on an AC supply. Transformers manage based on the guideline of mutual… Continue reading Electrical Power Transformer

What type of equipment and chemicals are utilized inside the substation?

An average substation contains hardware including transformers, circuit breakers, protective relays, and related controls, a control building, steel supporting supports, and batteries. The battery bank incorporates eight batteries which are like a vehicle battery. These batteries are contained inside the substation control building. One more kind of hardware is the circuit breakers that secure the… Continue reading What type of equipment and chemicals are utilized inside the substation?

How Does A Solar Transformer Work? & It’s Features

A solar Transformer is a fundamental gadget in any sun-controlled power system. The fundamental work of the inverter is to modify the variable Coordinate Current yield of the sunlight boards into Substituting Current. The various electrical and electronic parts associated with the circuit offer assistance inside the change. The main goal of this project is… Continue reading How Does A Solar Transformer Work? & It’s Features