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Synergy Transformers is a leader in the designing and manufacturing of distribution transformers in India. We implement latest technology to produce power electrical transformers that ensures trouble free long performance at the most economic cost in the market. Our standard range of transformers comes of capacity from 100 Kva to 3.2 MVA. Our distribution electrical transformers are highly appreciated for its high efficiency low maintenance cost. Thus, we are recognized as India's leading manufacturers and exporters of these distribution Electrical Transformers.

About Distribution Transformer:

Distribution Transformer is designed to provide final voltage transformation to the electric power distribution system. Additionally, the designing and working also makes the transformer ideal to be used for stepping down the voltage that is required in the distribution lines to the degree needed by the customer. The placing of the transformer also plays the role in distributing its name. If it is mounted on a utility pole, the same transformer is termed as pole-mount transformers. On the other hand, if distribution at ground level or underground is required, the transformer is placed on the concrete pads and locked steel cases. These are termed as pad-mount transformers. Therefore, the weight restrictions for the Pole-Mounting Transformer, the transformers are built for primary voltages, i.e., less than 33 kV.

Specifications of Distribution Electrical Transformers
Capacity : 100 Kva to 3.2 MVA
Input Voltage : 11kV, 22kV, 33 kV (or as required)
Output Voltage : 0.433kv or as required
Application : Indoor or outdoor
Tapping : Offload tap changer or on load tap changer
Winding : Copper or Aluminum (as per requirement)
Cooling : ONAN Cooled
Frequency : 50 Hz & 60 Hz
Specific Features of Electrical Distribution Transformers:
  • Provides a long trouble-free performance and star rated transformers
  • Low power loss and low noise
  • Designed to withstand electrical impulses and thermal and dynamic stresses
  • Made of high grade components
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure cost effectiveness and reliability
Construction of Power Distribution Transformer:
  • Consists of shell type and core type laminations of sheet steel stacked.These sheets are either banded together with steel straps or glued together using resin.
  • paper coated copper wire is used to wound the low current, high voltage primaries and on the other hand, thick ribbon of copper that is insulated with resin-impregnated paper is used for the high current, low voltage secondary.
  • High purity mineral oil i.e., inert and non-conductive, is filled in the steel tank.
  • The assembly of the transformer is baked and then submerged in the steel tank.
  • The mineral oil disperses heat and therefore protects the transformer from moisture. The moisture floats on the oil’s surface,
  • To remove the remaining content of moisture, temporarily depressurization of the tank is required. That further causes arcing and on the top, the transformer us sealed with a gasket to protect against the weather changes.
Applications of Electrical Distribution Transformer:
  • Power Generation Houses & Electricity Boards
  • Wind Mills ,
  • Chemical Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • PWD
  • Dairy Department
  • Private & Public Sectors
  • Buildings
  • Steel industries
  • Ceramic industries
  • Automobile industries
  • Engineering industries
Classification of Distribution Transformers:

On the basis of certain factors, the Distribution Transformers are classified as below:

Insulation : The transformers are either liquid-immersed or dry-type, to meet the requirements of the application areas.
Number of Phases : On the basis of number of phases, single-phase or three-phase are available.
Voltage Class for Dry-Type : The voltage class is also very important for the proper functioning of the transformer in respective application areas. Low voltage or medium voltage transformers are available.
Basic Impulse Level (BIL) : This is required for medium-voltage and drytype transformers.
Distribution Transformers are the transformers which provide the ultimate voltage transformation within Electronic Power Distribution Systems, stepping down of voltage used within distribution lines towards the levels used by customer.
Low loss transformers
Domestic / Commericial
 efficient transformers
Engineering Industries
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Auto Industries
Forgin Industries
Forging Industries
ceramic industries
Ceramic Industries
plastic industries
Plastic Industries

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